Breakfast and Dining at the Grizzly Lodge in Fairbanks, Alaska

Dining at the Grizzly Lodge

A hearty and delicious home-cooked breakfast is served every morning.

The Grizzly Lodge is a Bed & Breakfast. We have a fridge, microwave oven, wet bar and tea and coffee station available for guest-use. For all other meals and options you need to leave the lodge. If you don’t have a car during your visit, we offer packages that include transportation to and from Fairbanks-area hotels and grocery stores.

Breakfast and common area at the Grizzly Lodge.

Fairbanks Restaurants

Fairbanks offers a surprising range of restaurants, from traditional Alaskan fare to elegant restaurants, and international cuisine such as Thai, Indian, and Japanese. Fairbanks is also home to several coffee roasters, three breweries, and four distilleries.

For a quick overview of what’s available, visit Explore Fairbanks’ Food and Drink page.

King Crab legs is a classic Alaskan staple
King Crab legs, a classic Alaskan delicacy, is available at restaurants in Fairbanks.